not Mined.

Choose Unmined, gemstones that inspire kindness, generosity and contributes to saving our environment.

Our Story

Beautiful gemstones,

without the mines.

The inspiration for Unmined came about when our founder was proposed to back in 2016 with a gorgeous natural diamond ring. While overwhelmingly happy to be spending the rest of her life with her significant other of 10 years, she could not help but be distracted by how much the ring cost.

About Unmined
Our Guarantee

Restoration, a stone at a time.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our stones are made, not mined. With limited environmental and ethical impact, you can wear Unmined gemstones proudly.

Sustainability matters
shipping & returns
Gemstones that last forever with our lifetime warranty
Giving back to the community through reforestation efforts
Meaningful stones for
your special occasion
Lab-Grown Gemstones

Unmined gemstones, sustainably created.

All our gemstones are grown in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Each of them is only cut and polished upon your order to reduce any wastage. To put your mind and heart at ease, each of our Unmined stones are also backed by a lifetime guarantee – even for wear and tear.

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